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Quotes from the speakers

“Our aim is the same.”

Michal Yakir

“Sharing is important.”

Jan Scholten, on sharing the information about the new remedies between homeopaths

“It’s just amazing to watch these masters, these unbelievable homeopaths, bringing in their unique approach and their quality, and to learn all these approaches… It was a feast of innovation, a feast of homeopathy that we had in the last five days, and I literally salute these amazing amazing presenters and speakers, teachers, innovators, leaders, who had brought their unique approach… I am here to share my approach, my cases, and I feel really humble to do that, as I am just one among many…

The conference is called Synergy of Approaches… that means if we can use all these approaches together in some way… it energises and brings out the potential, if you are able to see the same case from different approaches also. It’s like seeing the same thing from eight different windows, and each window gives a certain angle, and if we call look through all the windows, you can see the case from all the angles, and if we do that, then our predictability and our prescriptions would be far far better than before.”

Rajan Sankaran, on the Conference Synergy of Approaches

“Don’t jump to conclusions. Just watch. Observe. Start to connect the dots. That’s all you have to do. 

Rajan Sankaran, on case taking

“Sarcolactic acid is such an important remedy in Covid patients”

“Phosphoric acid is very important in recovery” (from Covid-19)

When the patient tells you: This disease feels like hell – this is a stage 15 remedy.”

Resie Moonen, on Covid-19 cases

“Remedies in Covid-19: Arnica Eupatorium perfoliatum, Grindelia, Tussilago, Abrotanum, Senecio Aureus”

Resie Moonen, on Covid-19 cases

“Patients would talk about the need for balance.”

“Balance means the body is functioning.”

Janet Snowdon, on Sarcodes

“Maybe this is part of the evolution that actually sarcodes are coming to attention now, because they are needed, because of the way that we are progressing with our lives, and poisoning ourselves so much more…”

Janet Snowdon, on Sarcodes, hormone treatments and contamination

“We have more than one personality… Art of case taking is separating personalities… I treat personality where it has complaints.”

Jan Scholten, on different homeopathic personalities

“Our diagnosis can be done also according to what you don’t see. In oil remedies you will find a lot of hiding.”

Massimo Mangialavori, on Oil remedies

“In 90% of my cases I use Q potencies… I always start with a Q potency. Always.”

Massimo Mangialavori, on using potencies

“I am the one who is always giving C potencies, not LM potencies… When the remedy is right, even the potency is not that important. It is really just finding the right remedy.”

Annette Sneevliet, on choosing potencies

“Source word is something that gives us the attribute of source, colour, smell, taste, etc…, which is so strange and peculiar, that beats all logic.”

Rajan Sankaran, on patients using the source words

“Every experience that is positive and good, has the opposite in it. And in the opposite you will find the remedy.”

Rajan Sankaran, on positive stories patients tell

“This is the joy of practice. That something comes that is so unexpected…. These fine peculiarities… that you least expect.”

Rajan Sankaran, on case taking

Photos from the online Conference

Minutes before broadcasting live from ASHUH, Zagreb

Hidden Secrets of Using a Homeopathic Software

Day 1

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What our participants say about the Conference?

“Thanks SO MUCH! I have been enriched by each presenter and feel humbled and delighted to be in this community of homeopaths. What a gift!”

“This was an incredible gathering of really fine homeopaths.  I took many gems from each presentation.  And, overall, the good will between all these wonderful homeopaths in appreciating the diversity of paths to a good simillimum was a joy to behold.  Our profession is learning to benefit from collaboration, and this is a leap forward for us all.”
“Dear Ana, I can only imagine organizing this conference was a challenge!  Well done!  It was so well done we hardly noticed any glitches, and the ones that came up were dealt with smoothly.  Thank you so much for bringing this together and helping us all be inspired by great homeopathy, master teachers, and wonderful human beings.
Bowing in gratitude and appreciation”
Patricia Kay, CCH, President of Pacific NorthWest Homeopathy Association

“Ana and Everyone, A stellar conference! I learned a great deal from every single day. It is a wonderful format. The idea of discussing a single remedy worked very well to fuse understanding of all the different lenses. Thank you all for a wonderful experience!”
Bill Gray MD, USA

“Thank you so much! I hope this will be repeated next year.”

Gloria Haegi-Largo, Switzerland

“This conference has been a great step in my studies and all the speakers and all the materials shared are extremely vital value for homeopathy purpose and the life we live.”

“Please presenters and all participants have my profound thanks and appreciation for this wonderful event.”

Sympsohn Yajoh, Sierra Leone

“Thank you so much. It was wonderful experience.”

Olga Vlaykova, Bulgaria

“I’d like to express my gratitude to all the organizers and moderators, on how wonderful and well organised this conference is. Thank you once again for organizing such a wonderful event.”

Rasha Al Kholi, Qatar

“Brilliant! Thank you… such clarifying…”

Carmel Searson, UK

“Dear Ana, Congratulations for organizing the Synergy Conference! I Iearned a lot and enjoyed it very much – it was perfect.”

Marta  Herczeg, Hungary

“Thank you for this wonderful congress. For me, the most important aspect of the congress was talking and working together, the common search for truth in a diversity that is mutually enriching and not exclusive.”
Vera Mennemeier, Germany

“I would like to thank you for the well organized, interesting and inspiring webinar.”

John Stiekema MD, Netherlands

“Dear Ana, just to say how fantastic the Synergy of approaches conference was . I learnt a lot. Many thanks for organising this wonderful event!”
Andrea Wiessner,  USA

“Dear All, Thank you for the amazing event! I am so moved by all participating Master teachers knowledge, passion, and hard work with Homeopathy. Thank you to the team for putting it together. I look forward to the recordings. Thank you.”
“The conference was exceptional, I really learned a lot. The Master Homeopaths are inspirational with all their knowledge, especially all pulled together. Thanks to all of them for sharing.”
Elaine Riddervold, Norway

“Hi Ana, Thank you for the wonderful webinar!”
Deborah Milward, Brazil

“It was a great pleasure to attend the Synergy seminar and I want to thank all the organizers and participants for this marvellous experience.”
Dr Jutta Tolon, Turkey

“Thank you for organizing such a rich, awe inspiring and respectful seminar.”
Sonja Doyle, Belgium

“Thank you very much for your part in having this Conference be a reality.  It is always so lovely to meet with colleagues and to share in person after presentations, but since this is not possible right now, and this online conference was an excellent 2nd best. I attended all sessions and greatly appreciated the diversity and excellence of each presenter.”

Cynthia Shepard, CCH, IHC, Canada

“Hello Ana, It was wonderful. Thank you for organizing the conference.
All contributions are helpful in their one way. One to open up further, the other to deepen, another to use it direct in the consultation.”

Cissy Wolffenbuttel,  Netherlands


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