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Synergy Homeopathic  is a company committed to developing the best homeopathic software tools of the future. Synergy’s goal to advance homeopathy is always at the heart of what we do, and Synergy Homeopathic Software will allow us to reach greater heights as we keep pace with new technology and the latest homeopathic developments.


To see Homeopathy rise to its true potential as a great healing art and to help more and more people across the planet.


To contribute to the success of homeopathic practitioners, students and teachers by providing the gold-standard tools and support necessary to make their practice, study, and research the most effective. 

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Ana Klikovac, Ph.D.

Ana Klikovac is a faculty member and representative at ‘The Other Song’ Academy (Mumbai, India). Together with TOS Academy, she is running a homeopathic academy in Zagreb, Croatia, since 2018, where she is teaching Organon, Materia Medica and Sensation Method. She is an owner of Annah Centre for Homeopathy and Support of Health, Zagreb, as well as owner of ASHUH company, Zagreb, established for promoting homeopathy and organising joint projects (seminars, conference, book publication) in collaboration with The Other Song Academy, Homeopathic Medical Publisher and Synergy Homeopathic.

ASHUH Company, Zagreb, Croatia


To become a successful and acknowledged promotor of homeopathy, and a central place of promotional activities in the field of homeopathy, which unites the homeopaths practicing different approaches in homeopathy from various parts of the world. 


To spread the knowledge about homeopathy through the organisation of seminars, conferences, lectures, book publishing, and promotional activities, to all the countries of the World where these are needed, in order to achieve that homeopathy receives a well-deserved reputation of an acknowledged and effective medical treatment. 

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Phone: +385 99 322 1312



The story behind this conference

Dear all,

My name is Ana Klikovac and I would like to share a story with you on how the idea for this particular conference came to life.

The idea to organise this conference first came up during dr. Sankaran’s visit to Zagreb, Croatia, when I organised his seminar “8-box Method in Homeopathy” in May 2019. The event was very successful, and dr. Sankaran liked Zagreb and Croatia very much, so he had an idea that we should jointly organise a live conference in Zagreb, in November 2020. We had no idea at that time, that in 2020 the world will be affected by Covid-19 crisis, and we started with organisation of the conference. We agreed that the main organiser of the conference would be Synergy Homeopathic, and I would be a local organiser.

But, the crisis and lock-downs continued, which affected our possibilities to travel to other countries. So, we agreed to continue with this project, and to organise this event as an online conference!

We will continue to work on this project even after this online event is over, and we will keep this website live and running. Here on this website, you will find announcements for our future events, as we hope to bring this even live sometime in the future! So make sure you add this website to your Favourites list!

I look forward to your participation on this online event, and I hope to see you live in Zagreb in the future!

Respectfully yours,

Ana Klikovac

For all information and questions about the Conference, please contact the organiser (Ana Klikovac) directly at or call +385 99 322 1312.



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You are invited to a Zoom webinar.
When: Nov 6-11, 2020 07:30 PM Time zone: Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi
Topic: Synergy of Approaches – Online Conference
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You are invited to a Zoom webinar.
When: Nov 5, 2020 07:30 PM Time zone: Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi
Topic: Hidden Secrets of Using Homeopathic Software
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